Unresolved issues are best discussed and resolved in a couples therapy assisted by a marriage counselor. An experienced and highly trained counselor can objectively pinpoint the source of the problem and offer sound guidance. Lack of communication is one of the foremost reasons behind a failed relationship. Finally, remember that the success of your marriage is proportional to the effort you and your partner are willing to put in.

Spotting the signs of a failing relationship is as important as knowing how to stop a divorce. Infidelity in marriage destroys the sanctity of the relationship and must be avoided at all cost. Before you confront your partner you should have irrefutable evidence to base your accusations. People seek love outside of marriage when they are not content with their current partners. Note that an accidental one night stand is very different from a regular affair and each should be tackled differently. 

A marriage counselor can help improve your relationship with your partner if your marriage is falling apart. Marriage help or relationship counseling is a must if you want to salvage your relationship. The major causes of a failed marriage are lack of trust and communications and misunderstandings. When couples ask a marriage counselor, “How to save my marriage?”, it means that the parties are willing to salvage their relationship.

With love and affection a married couple can create their own private paradise. They can also create their personal hell where they routinely dish out bitter criticism and indulge in spiteful arguments. Marriages fail for a number of reasons, the most common of which are incompatibility, misunderstanding, infidelity, and financial or health issues. Infidelity in marriage is perhaps the most cited cause in divorce hearings. 

According to some statistical projections almost one out of every two marriages will end in divorce. You have to work at your marriage with your partner to avoid failure. Love and trust form the foundation of a successful marriage, but it takes effort to build your utopia upon that foundation. “How do I save my marriage?” , if that’s the question on your mind then read on for ‘save my marriage’ tips.

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