More and more bride and grooms are getting involved with the internet when it comes to planning for their weddings, and that is why they are couples are having wedding websites. Free personalized wedding websites are available from a variety of hosts, and they can be a fantastic way for the couple to communicate with their guests, share wedding info, and post pictures of the pre-wedding parties and the wedding itself. This is what you need to know about designing your own wedding website.

A very well thought out and informative wedding website will feature a lot of practical information for the wedding guests. You can have printable directions to the ceremony site and from the ceremony location to the reception venue. Local hotels as well as blocks of rooms that have been reserved for the wedding can all be listed on the site. The couple may also wish to provide guests with suggestions for area attractions to keep them entertained on the days before and after the wedding itself. If the bride and groom have created a bridal registry, it would be appropriate to discreetly include a link to that on their customized wedding website as well.

You can upload and share all kinds of photos on your wedding website. Start by posting pictures of the engagement photo shoot, if one was done. Everyone will enjoy oohing and aah-ing over the bride in her cute dress and pearl earrings with her handsome groom (especially fun for relatives from the other side of the family who may not have met the bride or groom in person yet). Pictures of engagement parties and bridal showers could be constantly uploaded to the wedding website for everyone to look at and enjoy. Be sure to not upload any crazy pictures of the bachelorette or bachelor parties!

Many couples decide to go a little further than listing informative things and keep records of responses and dinner selection. This type of interactive feature is becoming increasingly popular, and can be a really easy way for the bride and groom to keep their R.s.v.p.s organized. However, there may well be older guests who are uncomfortable replying to a formal invitation online, so while it is nice to offer the electronic R.s.v.p. option, guests should also have the option of responding by mail in the traditional manner.

There are definitely things that must not be shared on public wedding website for all to see. Chief among these are details about the bride’s wedding gown, her veil, her crystal or pearl earrings, and even the bridesmaid dresses. If you reveal everything online before the wedding, there will be no element of surprise left on the big day. The pictures taken at the bridal salon of the bride wearing her dress and pearl earrings just don’t do the wedding dress justice, you may even run the risk of people not liking your dress because of this! If you wish to use your wedding website to get opinions from bridesmaids about the dresses they like for themselves or to have them vote between your three favorite outfits for them, or even for their wedding jewelry, set up a private password-protected section of the website for communication within the bridal party.

            It can be a lot of fun to set up a special website dedicated to your wedding. It is a great tool to keep guests in the loop, to build excitement for your wedding, and to share pictures. You can even have a ticker counting down to the big day! With many easy to use and free sites available, there is really no reason that every couple who wants one should not have their own personalized wedding website.

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