Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue: almost every bride can recite this old saying. The reason behind borrowing something to wear for the wedding is to “borrow” a bit of the good fortune of a happily married friend. If you’re looking to save money, borrowing items for your wedding can be more than tradition, it can be very pratical. There are many different things a bride can borrow for her wedding, from traditional to creative.
Most when choose something they can wear when looking to fufill the “something borrowed” part of the wedding good luck package. Jewelry is common, such as a tin cup necklace from the bride’s mother’s wedding. One bride I knew fell in love with a bridal jewelry set, but did not have the money to purchase it for herself, so she talked her mother into buying the jewelry and the bride borrowed it for the wedding day (her mom got to keep it after the wedding).
It’s common to borrow bridal veils. After all, unlike a classic piece of jewelry like a tin cup necklace, a veil has little use after the wedding, so it makes sense to get one on loan from a friend if you can. If the original bride is willing, you can personalize the veil by adding crystals or lace appliques to the tulle to make it coordinate with your wedding gown. Keep in mind also that it is easy to change the headpiece to which a veil is attached. The only thing that is hard to do is change the color. It usually looks okay if the veil is darker than the gown, but be aware that a bright white veil with an ivory wedding gown can tend to make the dress look dingy.
Are you trying to save money on wedding transportation? See if anyone has a luxury vehicle you can borrow. Imagine how fabulous you will look driving away from your wedding in your beautiful wedding gown and tin cup necklace in a cool convertible or vintage car! Be sure to get the right insurance before borrowing a valuable car. Making your getaway in a unexpected fashion is another fun idea. If your wedding reception will take place near water, maybe you could borrow a boat from a friend. Or leave your country wedding in style on a charming tandem bicycle owned by a pal. It makes a great photo-op!
Decorations are another fun, easy thing for a bride to borrow. Do you know anyone who is a collector? They could be a terrific resource for wedding décor. Maybe you have a friend with an impressive assortment of Depression-era glassware to use for centerpieces. Maybe your grandmother has a marvelous collection of family photographs in silver frames which you could use to decorate the entryway to your ceremony. Think how lovely it would be to have a formal bridal portrait of yourself in your veil, gown, and tin cup necklace next to the bridal portraits of your mother and grandmother. These personal touches make a wedding special.
There are all sorts of other things a bride could borrow for her wedding. Make your summer evening reception sparkle with strands of white Christmas lights from your mom’s attic. Ask your aunt to lend you that “shabby chic” restored dresser to show off the escort cards. They definitely weren’t talking about weddings when they said “neither a borrower nor a lender be”!

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