Here’s a picture… You met a lovely young woman using an online dating site, or maybe from your circle of friends. Now that you’ve eventually got the young woman of your dreams to agree to a first date with you, you may be looking about for topics to talk about during dinner, or wherever you choose to take her on that all important first date. You should have lots to discuss, while getting better acquainted with each other over drinks or a meal, but you also ought to understand that there are just some topics you should steer clear of like the plague. The following are some topics that really will not go down well with your date if you still wish to set eyes on her again.

Body issues: It is generally a good idea to eschew talking on the subject of any body problems you may possibly have going on at that moment. For example, you do not want to comment on how much gas you’ve been having all day and go into detail on the subject of the nasty fumes that were encompassing you. It is also a good idea to not reveal that your prostate was inflamed when you got out of bed that morning. At times it’s really slightly too much information.

Sexual troubles: You do not want to touch the matter of how long it is since you last had sex. That simply makes it seem you are buying her dinner so she will have sex with you. Also this subject leads to discussion about who was the last person and the circumstances, and  so on and so on. Women truly do not want to hear about all this.

Her body: Never inform a new girl that you are dating that she has a “good rack” or a “nice ass.” Although this could seem like a compliment to you, it should be remembered that this is a FIRST DATE!   She might not know you from Adam, and now you are chatting on the subject of the personal parts of her body in an intimate way.

Your Body: One of the most indecent subjects you can talk about on your first date is the chubbiness of your penis. This may perhaps go along with the foregoing sexual problems but it is also a totally different topic; so though you DO have a little to talk big about keep silent on the subject for now. If you see her again she will perhaps establish everything for herself.

Car: Unless they’re seriously into cars, it’s not a great idea to spend the evening discussing what’s below the hood of your last car. You do not want to send her to sleep with boredom do you?

Sexual conquests: Keep away from telling her how many women you’ve had sex with over the years. Either you will drive her away or antagonize her. Anyway, you will not dazzle her.

Your unpleasant Ex-Girlfriends: If you consume excessive time chatting about how bad your most recent girlfriend was, she’s either going to consider that you have no discrimination in women or she will be unsure if you are going to mention her like that in the future. This is not comforting to a new girl.

There are a load of more topics to steer clear of on a good first date, but these are at the top of the list . Do not take them lightly.

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