You could run into a lot of women and meeting russian women online who are optimistic in every way. They are always tidy and responsible; they rare fight with people and often are “soft and fluffy”. But, in the same time there is another kind of women, reverse first. They are quick-tempered, defiant; they have many bad manners. How is it probable to create contacts with Russian women like that?

Psychologists demostrate us three periods of personality growth, they are: childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

For a child there are only a few central tasks. The youngster has to eat well, to grow up and obey the mother. “A good girl” does everything the best; mother has no difficultes with such kid, and it seems to be that there is any tragic condition; such daughter will be a good partner. She will love her another part, keep the family well, she will be a upright mother. But the tricky is in her foundness to her mother. When views of her husband and her mother are unlike, she will always be on her mother side. And very often this sorts difficulties and wars in family.

In the period of teen, girls try to diserve their parents, and they prefer to do everything by themselves. Many Russian girls in the intermediate period of adolescence don’t want to do old-fashioned habits of parents. usually this period will be put away, but some people save such behavior all the life. Such people turn to “bad girls”. Such kind of Russian women try to keep their freedom, and don’t want somebody to impact their behavior, it makes them more so badly. “Bad girls” often drink a lot of alcohol and do drugs and shark own husband with every outsider. But they do it not because of yearling, but because of sense of illogicality.

So, what kind of Russian woman is better for marriage? I can’t give you an reaction. But you should marry an adult woman! In another situation if you sense that a girl is willing to follow you, you can help her to grow up.

I wish to show you should be attentive to attractive russian dating agencies. Not her beauty should win your heart, but also her thougts to life, her wishes and her ability to be a answerable wife and retain the family well!

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