Dating is consistently changing and an empowered woman can certainly take advantage of these changes and use them for her own. You can turn the rules on its head and make a few of your own. Who says you really need to wait for a bloke to pick you up, as an alternative you should be able to do that to them. The good thing here is that picking up men is gonna be so much easier than you think. And, if you are terrified or nervous, don’t worry, men feel the exact same way too. It is simply a matter of self-confidence and weather you know it or not, that self-regard is in you.

04/21/2011 Chicago, IL – Michael Gilliam is a relationships professional and he has been helping women gain enough confidence to go pick men. He tells a few of his thoughts on being a wingman. “It is very interesting to note that women can be very nervous when it comes to picking up men and they think men will not get tense too,” said Gilliam. “Well, we do and I, for one, am a great believer when it comes to women picking up men.” It only evens up the playing field – who said that what one sexual category does cannot be done by the other.” Gilliam was also in attendance at the launch of the website –

If you wish to learn how to pick up men, it is crucial for you get that the key to this is self-confidence. By that we mean you really need to be self-assured in your ability to pick up men. You should believe in yourself that you will do it. This is gonna be the self-confidence that drives you towards being able to talk to men without feeling an ounce of self-consciousness. Now, it is okay if confidence doesn’t come as naturally to you as it does to others. There are lots of systems out there that may help you with the confidence that you need. You could even go to a tutor for help if that is what you wanted.

Here are several preliminary tricks that could help you on your way to picking up men.

Learning to chat with strangers is among the first things you need to learn when you want to pick up men. It might be hard, we know, especially since we are so used to being in a comfortable silence with the strangers we meet each and every day. I mean, when was the last time that you chatted , and really talk to the individual who is next to you on the bus or train to work? When was the last time that you said more than hello to the individuals that you ride the elevator with? Have you ever even said hi to those individuals yet?

Set a goal for yourself when you like to learn how to converse with yourself. Let us say that next week is week one and on week one, you would really need to chat with 10 total strangers. Make conversation with them, it could be about the weather or the latest news. The goal here is to get you comfortable enough so that you could start conversations with strangers. By next week, you really need to raise that number further. Sure it may be awkward at the start, but this is the very best way to learn how to pick up men


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