Plenty of Fish is an online dating site that has no less than 10 million members, covering people around the globe from French bikini bride to the all-American girl-next-door Texan honey. This site attracts members worldwide mainly because it is free. The site has also innovative features that distinguish it from other dating sites since it assists members in selecting the right partner or date. One of these features is the Relationship Needs wherein the tool would coach the members the right approach in maintaining an online relationship by avoiding past mistakes.

A chemistry test also raises the possibility of being matched to a good date. On top of these features, Plenty of Fish chat and forums lets you to interact and meet ladies from the site. Unfortunately, the Plenty of Fish Chat rooms were removed by the site administrators because some people abused the use of the chat room. Instead of establishing friendships that would help them learn more about other members, they just used the forums for advertising products or selling things.

Some members complained a lot about Plenty of Fish chat forums and defective Instant Messenger. Whenever a user sends a hello, the receiver receives the message for a long time. Another challenge often encountered in Plenty of Fish chat is the non-transmittal of messages;instead, an e-mail would be sent to the receiver. Many members harp about this problem because even the email won’t get received. Because of these technical issues ( aside from the cases of abuse in the chat room ) triggered the administrators to finally remove the Plenty of Fish chat features for some time.

Lately,some members observed that there’s a new feature titled Chat Now. If you closely examine this feature, it was not really created for instant messages. Rather,it just shows a list of users currently online and actively seeking people who want to chat. If you click such feature, you would immediately be included in the list making you available for anyone who wants to connect with you. Presently, members are still checking the Plenty of Fish Chat Now feature and see what it could do for them in the long haul. The most viable alternative would be to visit Plenty of fish website for any updates. 

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