“How can I save and fix my marriage?” This question comes up so often with friends conversing over coffee and cakes, or from a phone call to a best friends or relatives that they need to trust in. While things may seem hopeless, the answers could be very obvious. But life can sometimes fool us and causes us not to see the obvious answers for the problem.

It’s like the old adage: “You can’t see for looking”. This rings so true for marriage. Sometimes, we become so absorbed up in problems that we never give ourselves any reall chance to adequately look for the solution. We put are attention on the damage instead of the cleaning up. Getting over what is happening on means being capable to changing your attention on how to resolve it. If we can focus on it enough to contemplate how much damage it is causing a marriage, then focusing on its resolution should get equal attention.

If there is a problem in a marriage then worrying about it isn’t will not get it fixed. This is where communication becomes the “key”. Putting to much attention on the problem won’t get it solved: neither is bickering over it or trying to hide anger or resentment. Getting everything all out for both parties to see, and communicate, is the answer.. And the quicker this takes place, the better.

The best course of action here is to set aside time when both spouses can engage in conversation without distractions: “without distractions” being the key here. If you cannot do this without distractions or “life” butting in, then find another time. No-one can disagree that this should get the attention that it is needed. If it is serious enough that one party feels their marriage is in jeopardy then that should be enough to warrant pushing all other areas to the side.

Once you have got a quiet place, alone time together, sit down and one person begins the dialogue. If only one person feels this is an issue then they will start and have ample time to bring out their concerns. Perhaps a fixed time period could be imposed so that both people get thel opportunity to talk about what’s their concerns are.


Don’t forget! Getting your marriage back on track is going to be far easier than possible sitting with your head in your hands trying to work out how to get your ex back after a break-up.