How to Flirt With a Girl – Getting Unbelievable Charisma in 3 Steps
By Jason Wagner

When most men ask themselves how to flirt with a girl they are really asking how to talk to women with that certain charisma of a James Bond or a similar movie hero.

Apparently, charisma is the holy grail of flirting that everyone seems to be striving for when learning how to flirt and how to attract women. Also when people talk about so-called naturals, men with the natural ability to talk and flirt with women, they are often referring to that aura of charisma that surrounds them.

Charisma is also what makes famous men and women so appealing to the public eye. Politicians know exactly what to say and how to act to appeal to the masses and movie stars make their living of appealing to the audience. Their skills may seem to be naturally inborn but the good news is that it can be learned.

Charisma consists mostly of:

1) A high emotional intelligence quotient

2) Self-confidence

3) The ability to think out of the box

1) Richard Wiseman, professor at the university in Hertfordshire, found out about number 1 as he discovered that all charismatic persons where able to feel emotions strongly, make others experience strong emotions and also to resist the emotional influence of other charismatic people. This of course is also influenced by rhetorical abilities but it seems that those abilities can only form with the proper emotional intelligence.

Putting this principle into context with the ability to flirt, you have to learn to anticipate what a woman might feel in the moment and at the same time lead them through strong emotions with your flirting conversation while not being influenced by her emotions yourself.

2) That you need self confidence to be successful attracting women as well as leading countries through politics is well known and it is fortunately also learnable. Confidence comes through competence and the best way is still to go out and actually flirt instead of just reading about how to flirt with a girl.

3) The last insight originates from Gloria Beck, famous author and rhetorician, who discovered that we tend to think of someone as charismatic if they are different from ourselves. Different in a way that we’d like to be. So as you might see when flirting with a girl it is not advisable to just agree with her on everything as many men do.

To the contrary if you disagree with a woman from time to time but in a bold or clever way it only makes you more charismatic and therefore more attractive.

As you see the mystery of what makes a charismatic person can not only be broken down easily but also very practically applied in many ways, not only to learn how to flirt with a girl. For learning just that however you are welcome to visit the website of Jason Wagner, the author of this article.

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Don’t Give Up
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