When you are planning a wedding on a budget, it can feel challenging to find a venue that is lovely, but also reasonably priced. Often you have to be creative to find an alternative, affordable venue, as traditional venues are often very expensive. The great news is that there are many affordable and pretty wedding venues available if you know where to look.

State parks are a wonderful place to get married if you want to keep costs low. They are naturally beautiful, so you won’t need to break the bank on decorations. Generally, rental fees are low, and they often include the use of amenities like restrooms, shelters, and kitchens or grills. Keep the feeling of your state park wedding casual and fun. Fancy picnic or barbeque fare is wonderful for the menu, and for your centerpieces, you can stick to simple flowers like daisies or potted mums. Knee length bridesmaid dresses with colorful bridesmaid jewelry will be ideal for the attendants at a state park ceremony, worn with comfortable flat shoes. As for the bride, a pretty white linen wedding dress would be just right.

Botanical gardens are another wonderful option for an affordable wedding site. They can often be secured for a very reasonable rental rate, although there may be a lot of competition to book popular dates. The garden setting is going to be absolutely breathtaking, so you can save a lot on decorations. String white lights through the trees to create an enchanted garden feeling. A gown with a floral motif would be gorgeous for the bride. Pastel bridesmaid dresses paried with pearl bridesmaid jewelry creates a lovely romantic feeling that would suit a garden wedding perfectly. You can top your wedding cake with fresh blossoms that complement those growing near the ceremony site, and you can use the same flowers to create bouquets.

If you are seeking a reasonably priced wedding venue, don’t rule restaurants out. Many will have private dining rooms which are ideal for small to moderately sized weddings. Unlike private clubs, restaurants often do not charge a room rental fee, since you are buying their food. In addition, the meal prices at restaurants are often lower per person than at a hotel or club. To further keep costs down, you can design a special limited menu for your guests with the manager of the restaurant. Some restaurants even have centerpieces on the tables, so you may not have to do much more than show up for the reception. You can go as formal, modern, or informal as you like with the wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, and bridal and bridesmaid jewelry for this type of wedding.

A private home is an intimate and inexpensive venue for a small wedding. Obviously there is no rental fee, and getting the date you want should be a piece of cake. But keep in mind that this only works if your guest list is small enough that you can comfortably entertain everyone in the living room of your home– cost of a home wedding skyrockets if you need to rent tents and tables to accomomdate everyone outside. For an intimate home wedding, an elegant cocktail party style is wonderful. Get inspired by the sophisticated look of the early 1960s, and opt for a retro chic bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, and fabulous bridesmaid jewelry. While remaining very affordable, this wedding style can look fabulous.

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