If you already at the stage where you wonder how to get your husband back, then I take it that the matter has gone from bad to worse. He might have told you his decision or you may even have signed the divorce paper. Either way, none of them signifies that you have lost your chance. A lot of couples reunited every day and there is no reason why both of you can’t work something out to fix the broken marriage.

Of course, since you’re the one who wishes to keep the marriage, you’ll have to put some serious efforts into it. Here’s what you ought to prioritize first:

Identifying the problem

Naturally, the breakup is triggered by a certain matter in your marriage. He might have mentioned the truth or only half of it, but here are some ideas on the real issues that can make a man to leave his wife:

– Arguments; of course, no marriage can run smoothly without issue at all. Nonetheless, sometimes it could be too much for him to deal with. If every time he comes back home from work he finds you already there with tons of issues and complaints, it might prove too much for his patience.

– Stagnancy; you’ve married for five years and you both keep doing exactly the same thing day after day. He asks you to do something different, but you refuse since you already at your “comfort zone”.  For guys (especially the outgoing one), this can kill the spark quickly.

Find out more scenarios at why men leave their wives.

Can you do something about it?

That is the greatest question. If you have identified the problem, can you find a solution? Is it something you could make compromises on? Are you ready to change your long-time attitudes and behaviors to save your marriage?

Think about about it seriously and consider on every option. You might have to sacrifice a couple of things in your life, but you can get your marriage back. Will it be worth the sacrifice? If you think it is not, then it’s probably better to leave things as it is.

First contact

If you decide that the marriage is all you want and you’re ready to make a few sacrifices and compromises to get it back, then you’ve to initiate contact with him. Don’t do this immediately. Give him some time to think thoroughly about how things are now. Just because he is the one that sent you the divorce paper doesn’t mean that he’s completely sure about the divorce. Then, you can meet him again as friends.

Reintroduce the chemistry of the relationship once again

Get him to see that you are a much better person now and all those issues that he saw in you in the past are totally vanished. Don’t act overly flirtatious, simply be your (new) self and be there for him. First meeting will resulted in the next one and first date will lead to second and third. You might encounter hurdles from time to time, but as long as you’re keep  trying, there is always a possibility that he will accept you once more.

Always think positive. “I can win my husband back” is the one that you should tell yourself all the time. The keys here are knowing the actual matters, preparing yourself to make some compromises to resolve them, and make him notice your new self. Remember not to act needy or push him to make decisions immediately, in time you’ll regain his trust once again. If for some reasons, he has not left you yet, check out Amy Waterman Save My Marriage review for a course that’s best for you in such situation. On the other hand, if he already leave, check out how to get back a man for more advices to have him back.

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