You really can learn quite a lot from the mistakes that other people make. Learning from other people’s mistakes means that we won’t have to make the same ones and for a once in a lifetime event this is particularly important. There are many examples of stag night disasters and there is a lot we can do to avoid such disasters ourselves. The following are a few of the common mistakes that some people make when planning stag nights


– Not taking the groom or the other people into consideration when organising the stag night is a major mistake that some best men make; they just organise something that they are going to enjoy themselves. It is very important for the best man to remember to organise a night that the groom is going to remember for the right reasons; it is his night after all.


– Too many stag organisers will arrange for the event on a night that is just inappropriate. There is no night that will suit everyone but the best thing to do is to avoid choosing a night during the week because most people will have to work the next day. If you give people a lot of advance notice you should be able to arrange a time when most people are free.


– If you want to know the biggest mistake that you can learn from when looking at stag night disasters then it is not putting enough time and effort into the planning of the night. Hoping for a great night when you have not arranged anything except the time for meeting in the local pub is probably not the best idea. The best way to ensure the success of the stag party that you are organising is to have a plan in place; you may also want to have another plan in place in case the first one doesn’t go to plan.


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