To truly feel hate, you must first feel true love. If you keep dwelling on the situation and show that much hatred, you are going to be unsuccessful at moving on with your own life and becoming truly happy. You will be forlorn, and your ability to make sound determinations about the kids will be impaired as well. Just as important as letting the fond memories go is letting the ill feelings go. Here are some tips if you are struggling to let go.

Find something to guffaw at. You will be able to burn some calories and exercise your mid section, plus free your mind of certain stressers.

You have got your family, your co-workers and your friends to talk to. An amazing therapy can be venting. Also, they are the only people that are willing to listen to the problems described. Speaking with these same people may be helpful guiding you through the divorce process since they have gone through it already. I learned a lot from talking to friends who I didn’t know had been divorced. 

Go out and be part of the social scene right away. To give the kids the impression that you are ok and to keep your sanity you need to date and socialize. If your children are seeing their mother with a new man then it is equally important that they see their father with a new woman in his life as well. They don’t see anything abnormal in being attached. Be open about how much you are enjoying your life, and they will learn from your example.

Go ahead and get involved doing fun things. You should consider getting a hobby like joining a golf league,health club, meet up groups, or start going to church. Find a new hobby and take some classes. Classes are available for almost any subject imaginable.

Make some new friends or decorate your living area with plants, pictures and/or a little color. Get out there and do some dates. Replacing the old one with a new one provides no better feeling. Maybe a massage could be a means to give yourself the gift of pampering. Buy yourself something that you’ve wanted for a long time, but could just never bring yourself to get.

Take some pleasure in times of peace and solitude. You should take of your whole being, body and mind alike. Someone who isn’t completely healthy in all aspects won’t be able to serve their children. Choosing to take God into your life can help, that is if you haven’t already done so.

New relationship should not be rushed into. Allow yourself time to recover. Do not rush; it will cause the failure of your new relationship. For second marriages there is and 80% divorce rate. You need to quit dwelling on trying to get her back. When there is temptation, exercise self-control. Give yourself some adjustment time. Every day things improve.

The most difficult part is getting through the first year. Don’t be in a hurry. Through these trying, extremely difficult times of separation and divorce our article are created with the hope of assisting father, children and families. Our wish is to give hope to fathers through sharing our experience and wisdom on the Internet.  I sure hope that the other divorced dads out there have the best of luck and I want us all to overcome the horrible bad feelings from divorce along with happy kids that are kept out of harms way.

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