Just about the most common, yet worse outcomes for a marriage, is to find out that your husband or wife cheated. This is probably one of the most heartbreaking things that you’ll find out about your better half. Nonetheless, believe it or not, there is actually something even worse that you could learn about your better half. You could find out your partner has not only been unfaithful, but that they have been cheating with someone very close to you, like a best friend, or perhaps a member of the family. It is a double-whammy, because not only has your better half betrayed your trust, they have been giving their affections to another, but they have participated in ruining the relationship that you had with a trusted buddy, or family member. You are going to feel like dying, and you will wonder how two people who said that they loved you betray you in this way. Blaming themselves is exactly what many betrayed partners do after a circumstance such as this. They think since everyone else of their friends or family know, why didn’t they notice anything? No one wants to be the last to know! It is undignified. Source: Is She Cheating

Unless the pair was covert, there were certainly signs of what was taking place. It would be quite easy for someone to miss the signals as no one really suspects their own lover would do this type of thing. You will find things you must consider though. If you’ve observed these things, then now you know that what you saw or sensed wasn’t just in your mind, and you weren’t just being insecure:

1.  They seemed too happy to see each other: Your family member or good friend wouldn’t be a person that first pops into your head when you think of who your partner could have an extramarital relationship with, although this one appears very obvious. Everyone is happy as can be in the innocent partners eyes. The cheating spouse and the other will use this to their advantage as no one suspects anything. They’ll use family occasions and gathering to keep their affair alive. If they want to be risky, they might even run to the store together for something. Your good friend may want a snack or perhaps a quick bite to eat out, and your husband or wife may jump at the chance to take them there. Are you getting how it goes? The husband or wife and other are using common events to keep their affair going, without anybody suspecting anything.

2. Once they meet, they are uneasy with each other: The reverse scenario from the one previously mentioned. Both of them start feeling uncomfortable and also queasy the moment they meet each other. Maybe they start to be snappy when they meet. The unmarried individual may want their lover to leave their spouse, and thus tensions maybe high between them. Their sexual energy and tension may be noticed by other folks around, the pair might feel that this is going on. Hence, they feel if they create negative energy, everyone will get off their back.

3.  Your friends and family members might drop hints:  There are a lot of situations where the other friends or family members know what’s going on, or at least they suspect it. To this end, somebody might drop an errant remark or comment to express their outrage at the situation. None of these cases will lead to good news, just heartbreak. If your spouse is really cheating on you and also destroying relationships with your loved ones, you have the right to know.

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