Every couple’s wedding day is the most special and memorable event in their entire lives. This is the day where they don’t focus on the ‘I’, but instead of ‘We’ and ‘You and ME’. Couples share their lives with each other and hope to make their family even bigger as the years go by. Couples also make this day even more special by choosing themes and locations that are perfect for their wedding.

By reading different reviews such as a green smoke review, couples can get a lot of ideas on what theme and location they can use for their wedding. But for those who can easily agree on something, they can decide for themselves their wedding’s theme.

For those couples who love the beach, they often choose a beach wedding. The most romantic part in a beach wedding is when they exchange their vows and promises as the sun sets over the horizon. This makes it a perfect moment for them. Or if they are the water-loving and adventurous type, they can have their wedding underwater. This is becoming a trend for other couples who want to have their guests and fishes as guests.

Another excellent place to hold a reception is on the breath-taking views of mountain resorts. The mountains offer them a scenic view of the lush greenery of the forest and the sheets of blue of the ocean. Who wouldn’t find this romantic? But of course, you have to be careful as it can be pretty cold up there which is why you have to carefully choose your wedding attire.

But for those who prefer a more traditional and sacred wedding, they often choose a church wedding. Church weddings are also romantic even though it is in a holy place. But here, couples and guests can truly feel the blessings and prayers of the most High.

Garden weddings are also the trend for upper class couples or for those who want to have a wedding in style and luxury. Although it can be pretty costly, couples who are about to get married make it worth their while by decorating it with expensive utensils, flowers ordered from other countries and socialites for guests.

Getting married is a big deal for couples mainly because they want their wedding day to be memorable and treasured. Choosing the right wedding reception, guests and giveaways are also important in weddings. By reading reviews like green smoke review, you can get an idea of how you want your wedding.

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