If you are searching for ideas for your wedding bouquets, you have come to the right place! For all of the current trends for 2011 wedding bouquets for brides and bridesmaids, you should be inspired. From new shapes to special accents to rising flower trends, there is a lot to love about the newest bouquets.

For the longest time, it seems like the perfectly round nosegay was the only bouquet brides carried. That trend is finally gone, and for 2011, brides are looking for bouquets which have movement and looser forms. On of the top new shapes for 2011 wedding bouquets is a gentle cascade bouquet. Sometimes called waterfall bouquets, because of the way the flowers flow down. This newest design is all about a natural flow, push aside images of the overly stiff and artificial looking cascade bouqets of the 1980s. Choose a modest teardrop cascade to for bridesmaids or to carry with an A-line wedding gown. Brides who plan to wear a dramatic trumpet gown with opulent crystal bridal jewelry will be able to pull off a much larger and more lavishly cascading bouquet.

Vintage inspired bouquets are another top wedding trend for 2011. This dovetails nicely with the larger overall love of vintage inspired wedding themes and details. These beautiful arrangements are softly flowing, with a combination of lovely colors. Peach, lavender, rose, and cream are some of the most popular colors for vintage style bouquets. Special accents such as velvet ribbons, cameos pinned to the bouquet wrap, and dangling silver lockets will enhance the vintage flavor of bouquets. Antuque crystal brooches pinned to the bouquet wrap are a wonderful addition when the bride is wearing rhinestone and crystal bridal jewelry. Long ribbon streamers, which were very popular in the 1920s, are another wonderful addition to a vintage inspired bridal bouquet.

Rustic and natural elements are the most popular additions for 2011 wedding bouquets. Feathers are the most dramatic natural elements to include. Grand white feathers or exotic peacock feathers make a spectacular addition to a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet. They are perfect for the bride who loves the drama of sparkling crystal bridal jewelry. On the other hand, rustic details are also in style this year for wedding flowers. Seasonal accents like berries or pine cones are an easy way to add personality to your bouquet. For beach weddings, shells and starfish are very popular bouquet accents, whether they are wired in among the flowers or pinned to the bouquet wrap.

An interesting trend for 2011 wedding bouquets is the re-discovery of previously unfashionable flowers. You are seeing brides carry bouquets made stricktly of fluffy clouds of baby’s breath. Tightly packed round bouquets of colorful carnations are another fun option. Baby’s breath and carnations are finally coming into their own as feature flowers, since they were once looked down upon as “filler flowers”. Baby’s breath has a wonderful ethereal quality and pairs beautifully with a simple chiffon gown and clear crystal bridal jewelry. Bright carnations are modern and have a great pop art charcater which makes them perfect for a wedding with a strong contemporary flavor.

Another popular trend for 2011 weddings are more colorful roses. Bouquets which are colorful, creative, unique, and personal are what brides appreciate. Choosing a bouquet which has a lot of character and expresses your personal style, is the only real rule for wedding bouquets in 2011.

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